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Don Forman first dabbled in the wine collecting game beginning in 2001, shortly after his first trip to Napa Valley in June of 2000. He explained this first experience in wine country as nothing short of life changing as he was overcome by a deep fascination with the lifestyle of wine makers and collectors alike. 

Don Forman has two cellars in his Las Vegas residence and a third on the way in his Laguna Beach home. The main cellar in Las Vegas is a very personal place of Don’s; one that tells a story of the past. It begins with the old-world styling highlighted in the travertine floor, distressed wall treatment, and copper sink. The heart of this story lies in the bottles themselves, for they act as vehicles that transport not just fine wine, but special memories that Don has shared with those most important to him.

“I believe the enjoyment of collecting is simply a gathering of moments or memories that seem, for me, to always tie themselves to a location, fantastic meal, or memorable event with friends and business partners… I believe that collecting for an investment is great; but collecting for the pleasure of sharing with others is really what the wine lifestyle is all about. Learn from others, but follow your palate. Some of my best finds have been well under $100 a bottle. So if you are like me, the search is on. Enjoy!”

2008 I bought a large amount of wine in Vegas that was offered at a great price; a lot of bordeaux and burgundy. This spawned my passion for DRC.

A visit to Napa Valley in 2000. Seeing the lifestyle and experiencing the whole wine life was breathtaking.

Roughly 10,500, give or take.

Italy – The wine region of Tuscany. Favorite producer is Franco Biondi Santi for their old-world style of winemaking. Their facility is beautiful with an untouched feeling that takes you back in time.

I like to do my research online through wine searcher. I’ve also built a strong relationship with the team in Vinfolio. But to answer your question, my good friend Jeff Wyatt has helped me develop my taste for fine wines.

I have a collection that I drink, and a collection that is solely an investment. Investments: 80% Burgundy; 20% Bordeaux. Drink: 70% Italian; 30% Napa.

3 locations: 2 cellars in las vegas that hold roughly 2500 bottles. Majority of my collection is stored in American Canyon at Vinfolio. I’m also in the process of building a new cellar in Dana Point, CA that will store another 2,000.

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